Hot Russian Brides

Why are Russian Wives so Desirable for Foreign Male?


For many European men, Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova are models of Russian sexuality. And holiday romance with Russian girls for many foreigners remain the most vivid impressions in their lives. Russian dating sites are filled with announcements and profiles of foreigners about the search for Russian, namely Russian wife. Why are they so eager to become the husbands of women from Russia?


  • Many men of foreign origin note in hot Russian brides grooming and brightness. Only a girl from Russia can go down to the beach immediately after breakfast on heels and with an evening makeup. As even the most enviable bachelors of the planet admit, sexy Russian ladies are truly the most beautiful in the world. Probably, the glory of the Russian beauties interrupts the myth of bears strolling through the streets;

  • It is believed that Russian girls have a special magnetism, and in their eyes "a thousand-year history that causes attraction," as one famous actor said. According to men, these women clearly understand their role in relationships and the role of men in a couple. In addition, many representatives of our country can boast a mild character that simply amazes men from the West;

  • This is one of the most faithful women in the world. In some European countries it is considered perfectly normal to introduce a husband to a lover. Those who do not accept such a relationship, run full speed into the arms of Russian beauties, who, in the opinion of the same men, will devote their whole life to them. But this is true: a Russian woman does not need to seek entertainment on the side, if she decided to get married. For her, betrayal is a sign of insecurity;

  • Russian women are very successful in cooking. Since childhood, Russian mail order bride is raised with the understanding that the man in her family should not be hungry. As she grows older, she realizes that she will not be able to keep him with the kitchen alone and uses another “weapon”. However, foreigners are still convinced that the Russian wife will not allow him to die of starvation;

  • Russian women are a model of restraint and calm. There is an opinion about the nature of the Russian woman: that, unlike the European woman, the Russian woman will not put too much pressure on her husband, even if he creates incomprehensible things, the wife will always understand and forgive. However, it all depends on the particular woman, so, dear men, not every Russian woman will be a gift for you;

  • Russian women will always make their husbands feel as the leader at home.


Where to Get Russian Mail Order Wife?


The Internet today has become a familiar part of the life of almost every person. Most people make a career in the network, acquire all the necessary goods, communicate with old friends and try to build serious relationship. The last function is great for dating sites where many Europeans meet Russian women.

Before you create an account at Russian mail order brides dating site or agency, you need to answer yourself a few important questions. And first of all, you should decide what you expect from the upcoming relationship. If you want to have a full-fledged family with several children, then you need to look initially for Russian singles with similar priorities. Do not rely on your own memory. Make a list of your wishes, highlighting the most important, and in any case, do not depart from it in the search process. Single Russian ladies are more likely to have communication with foreigners who know exactly what they want from their lives.

After registering on any Russian brides dating site, you will be asked to create your own page. In this case, a bad decision will be to show your wit by posting funny pictures on your avatar or pointing out obviously false information in the “Contact Information” section. The more reliable data you submit, the less likely there will be a failure on the first date. When listing your interests, indicate only those hobbies to which you are really not indifferent. This will allow you and your future interlocutor to quickly find common topics for conversation. It is necessary to consider the quality of your photos carefully. You should look as natural as possible on it. If you too embellish your appearance, the interlocutor will feel deceived, and it is very difficult to restore trust. It is recommended to order a portrait from a professional photographer. This, firstly, will allow you to get a quality photo, and secondly, it will demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions.


The Ideal Family From the Point of View of Russian Women


The concept of the family of Russian women include: children, love, confidence in the future, the realization of themselves and the whole range of emotions. If a Russian woman has a good family, then she has an almost complete set of a happy life. To this add a little more points, and she will be immensely happy.


  • For a Russian woman, love is safely included in the "family" section. If the Russian bride meets her knight, and he is not in a hurry to build a family with her, she still considers himself his wife and dreams of a happy old age, children and grandchildren. Beautiful Russian women cannot separate love from a family;

  • It is important for a Russian woman to love, give, grow and reap a crop of emotions and feelings. No wonder psychologists talk about women's happiness. It is a real man that a Russian woman is able to bring to the heights, to fame, to energize him and remain blissfully in his shadow;

  • Maternity in a Russian woman is developed very strongly. This is her main achievement in life. A childless Russian woman can never be truly happy. It will be unfulfilled in the earthly mission. So, this item fits well into the first item in the list, i.e. in the "family";

  • For the Russian woman is also important the realization of her talents. Well, if for the hobby also money will pay. A woman can quietly sit on sites and participate in free contests. Take photos, write poetry, show off their crafts and stuff. She needs to be praised, not paid money. Of course, if a “drone in family shorts” lives at home, then she needs to work and provide for her family.


Sexy Russian women also have ambitions, leadership qualities, but they can easily satisfy them in non-cash projects or in not profitable ones. They need praise, enthusiasm and applause. They will get the same pleasure if they do charity work, breed orchid house or opens a shelter for dogs.


Some Secrets of Successful First Date 


A nature meeting will never lose its relevance, however, remember that we have already written above: the weather should have this. You can take the good old and proven scenario, like, say, a picnic on the edge of the forest or on the seashore, but you can try other solutions to the original date:


  • Horse riding - communication with horses is very interesting, it is no coincidence that these animals are used so that people can get rid of stress. Such an unusual date with a girl will definitely be a hit, adding a sea of ​​fresh impressions for both parties;

  • Flight in a balloon. Immediately make a reservation that this walk will work only if the girl is not afraid of heights, otherwise, she will either refuse, or will experience not pleasure, but horror. In addition, right on board you can organize a small picnic to eat in the sky;

  • Boat trips, however, sometimes fishing with mushroom picking can turn into interesting dates.


Some recommendations for impressing hot Russian girls:


  • If you have already made an original date, then do not be late, only if it is not included in the plan of the evening. Punctuality is above all, if a person is late, this suggests that he does not respect himself and his chosen one or chosen one. By the way, if the Russian girl is late on the first date, in some cases, this is also considered disrespect;

  • Need to think in advance route dates. You should not stand still and ask your partner about the plan. You also need to look at the weather. Even the most wonderful surprise is unlikely to be appreciated by a partner if it freezes from the cold or sweat from the heat, losing consciousness;

  • Remember that the date for the two of you, so once again check back that what you are doing will please the pretty Russian girl. If, for example, she loves animals, then she will be the height of recklessness to invite her to some exotic restaurant, where she is offered to chop carcasses of animals on her own.


Which Way Does European Society Treat Russian Mail Order Brides?


Surely everyone knows for a long time that many people in Europe and other countries consider hot Russian brides to be the most beautiful in the world. Even a Hollywood star like Monica Bellucci once said that "Russian girls are concentrations of beauty." Many men living in other countries say that they are not attracted to Russian women by loyalty, thriftiness or thriftiness, as is commonly believed, but by some incredible femininity. "Russian beauty even without heels can pass so that the neck itself begins to turn after her," say the Spaniards and Italians. Residents of northern countries are surprised by charm, activity, vigor and vitality. The representatives of the stronger sex of Korea, China and Japan call hot Russian ladies very beautiful, hardworking and educated, but too high. And American men are limited to one word - hot.

Particularly anxious for sexy Russian women are Spaniards. Many are purposefully looking for a wife from Russia, they really like traditional ideas about marriage in this country, like the fact that Russians prefer classic marriage when a man takes on the role of head of the family, earns money and brings them into the house, and the woman is the keeper of the hearth . In Europe, this is a big problem, feminism is widespread among the female half of the population, girls tend to make a career, do not know how and don’t want to cook, they think that paying for themselves in a restaurant is in the order of things.

Europeans often notice that Russian women are very notorious, that they prefer not to have fun and enjoy life, but to think about its meaning, over-complicating it. On the whole, all Russians are too restrained by their emotions, to any question, no matter what they ask, answering “normal”. For Russians, this word means that they like something. Some Europeans blame Russian women for commercialism and in search of a rich man. And even if it is not, a handsome Russian appearance condemns its owner to many gossip.


Legitimate Hot Russian Brides


The only correct and legal way to invite a Russian girl for marriage is to request a bride / groom visa, which gives the right to come to the future spouse, enter into marriage and immediately, without leaving the future home, to receive a temporary Green Card. At the same time, the Migration Service of any European country is guaranteed not to suspect you of deception, because you initially stated your true intentions. Mandatory conditions for obtaining a bride / groom visa:


  • the presence of the appropriate citizenship of the future spouse / spouse (confirmation is the groom's passport or certificate of naturalization);

  • the absence of legal obstacles to marriage (you will have to provide evidence of the dissolution or annulment of previous marriages, the death certificate of the spouse, etc.);

  • presence of evidence of personal meetings (at least once in the last 2 years, evidence can be air tickets, visas, hotel reservations, joint photographs, or have to prove the existence of a good reason preventing the possibility of meetings: illness, political circumstances, religious beliefs);

  • evidence of relationships (correspondence, printout of phone calls, photos of not only the couple, but also with the participation of other family members and relatives, the presence of common children)


Which Men Can Attract Russian Brides?


The classic concept of masculinity for hot Russian women is: 


  • mental strength;

  • wisdom;

  • attentiveness;

  • reliability;

  • male sexuality;

  • charm;

  • attractiveness;

  • spiritual cleanliness;

  • the ability to take responsibility;

  • answer for themselves and for those who are tamed;

  • reasonable fearlessness;

  • reasonable rationality;

  • hard work;

  • diplomacy;

  • ability to be flexible regardless of the circumstances;

  • the ability to accept and answer for their mistakes and actions;

  • male beauty;

  • natural mind and at the same time a combination of tenderness;

  • the ability to remember yourself as a child;

  • sense of humor, but without excessive acrimony, cynicism, envy;

  • ability to speak and persuade, but without excessive talkativeness;

  • insight;

  • insight;

  • not capriciousness;

  • lack of desire to flirt;

  • the ability to remain human;

  • regardless of the circumstances;

  • feeling of inner freedom and independence;

  • a person with whom it is interesting and not boring to live and be near;

  • the ability of men to be close;

  • the ability to feel a woman and the ability to love her beautifully.


The most important thing that attracts all Russian women is the ability to live in such a way, do that, speak and think in such a way that a woman feels independent of her social status and various external factors a real woman - beautiful, desirable, unique and unique, and therefore the most happy the earth.


Appearance also plays a significant role:


  • A man should be dressed in clean and ironed clothes, be it a classic suit or casual jeans with a t-shirt;

  • For women, smells have an important role. Good perfume will add you some advantages when meeting and communicating with girls;

  • Do sports. All men want a slim girl with an appetizing side next to them and they themselves do not particularly try to please the girls in their desire to see a handsome, strong and broad-shouldered male next to them;

  • You can also add such trifles as a neat haircut, clean face (not pimply), straight posture.


Sitting in silence with a beautiful Russian woman is not a way to attract her attention. Show her that you are able to take responsibility and start a conversation, do not let her do it for you. Communicating with her, speak in a gentle but confident tone on emotional topics. Ask her about her childhood, her interests, her hobbies, but do it so carefully that it doesn’t look like a job interview. Tell about your interests and hobbies. Build a conversation so that there is a feeling that you have achieved everything in this life, but at the same time do not allow boasting in your achievements or arrogance. Be a leader in conversation, but do it with humor, subtle coquetry and safe.


How Much Do Russian Brides Cost?


Nowadays, the problem of creating a family is one of the most acute for each person. And not everyone can solve it on their own. Using top services of a professional Internet platform or marriage agency, you will take a short and effective path from meeting sexy Russian brides to family life. Also you can chat in chat rooms, study profiles of users of specialized sites. Almost all Russian mail order brides dating sites have more than 10 thousand people in the database. This is a professional job, as a result of which you can find real people seeking family relationships. Here you will be offered high-quality consulting services and the selection of candidates for serious relationships using innovative modern techniques. However, you should understand in advance that such a great work will cost financial expenses. In this case, you will pay depending on the set of services themselves:


  1. Individual search for Russian brides for 2 months. Cost from $ 400 dollar. Experienced specialists will take care of organizing your meetings in a comfortable atmosphere, will provide emotional support, help with advice on choosing the time and place of the meeting, taking into account the preferences and interests of the potential Russian wife for two months;

  2. Search for young Russian girls and organizational meeting service. Cost from $ 3000. Service for practical European people, accustomed to order in relationships and life - carefully planning their own leisure time and appreciating the time of potential brides. The need for such a service is dictated by the modern rhythm of life in large cities. You will know in advance how and with whom you will spend the weekend - this provides confidence and makes the direction of movement towards the goal clearer. The cost of services and membership in a marriage agency under this version of the contract is the most acceptable.


Some Tips to Get Russian Order Brides


  • Be able to keep up the conversation, develop your intellectual abilities. You have to become an interesting person for communication. Find out in advance about the interests of your darling;

  • If you are silent by nature, then rehearse your diction at home alone;

  • Try to communicate more with the female gender, and then it will be easier for you to start a conversation with the one and only;

  • Always be ready for a meeting. Therefore, keep your body clean, dress well, make a pleasant impression.


Today, the search for a life partner by means of Russian mail order wives dating sites is the most popular way to start your own family. Most of those who register on a dating site, really want to start a family and a serious relationship. The reason for this decision is sometimes shyness or lack of time to search in other places. Starting your own profile, you need to think through each column and its feature. Try to fill them in detail and with their own twist, so the field of interested girls will increase. Be sure to upload your photo, it increases the chances of dating.